Can you make a 'The kights of the round table" one from 3x13 when they were all 'round the table? :D That'd be lovely!


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can i have a strawberry?

So I just went through all of your blog and it was amazing! I feel I should apologise for the spam I just inflicted in my followers but everything is far too amazing for me to care! Thank you! <3

Well thank you!!

I’m glad you enjoy it!

I found your blog and OMG! is amazing all the gifs and the quotes about the serie, really, is wonderful! *-* PD: I love it the gif of Sir Leon with dress x)

Hahaha! Well thank you so much!! And Welcome!! Always love to meet new followers!!

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Can you make one that has arthur's "I FEEL GREAT!" from The Last Dragonlord?


Hello. I think this is an awesome blog, really! I wonder why I haven't seen it before! Do you make all your gifs on your own? If you do, then you are really talented!

Thank you!! Thank you so much!!

I don’t even know what to do with this compliment!

Sometimes I think mine are terrible because I want them to be so long that it decreases the quality, but I do spend a bit of time on them so I’m glad you actually appreciate them!!

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I love love love your blog!!! It's amazing! <3

Why Thank you!

I love your url!!

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I forgot to say thank you in advance

Hi! do you have download link from merlin?? Preferably not from megaupload, cause my country blocked it

Well I don’t download I only stream so i don’t know how much help I can be though I think that a lot of the stream links have download options with them, but again not entirely sure. is the best place to go. It has a ton of links. Just type in a show and it has most every episode for every season. For Merlin it has all.

It has different links from vidxden, vidbux, and divxden (HQ) to megavideo, videobb, and novamov (regular to too great but not unwatchable) and the occasional low quality link. The HQ sometimes will crash the browser so I suggest using a separate one. And sometimes the starting load can take a minute or two. I personally think HQ is worth waiting for so I only use vidxden etc unless it’s not available…

Anyway I know I gave you more info than you need, but I hope I was helpful!

Hello, I love you, won't you tell me your name? :D

haha! had to

Great song by the way! Much love to the Doors!!

Oh, and my name is Faith!

and this is me ^

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I love your blog, it makes my day :) I only just found it too! I can't believe what I was missing out on :O Merlin is absolutely amazing. X

Well I’m glad you’re here!!

And yes. It is amazing isn’t it!

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Only just found your blog, can't believe I've not seen it before :D it's amazing!!! <3

WELCOME!! I’m glad you found it! Oh and enjoy!

beeteedubs I love your username. The Hunger Games Series is brilliant and beautiful!

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I love this blog. Seriously, it makes my day. :D

Aww! Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it!!

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I've no clue how to make one so can you make one that says "Damn the consequences" from when Morgana said it to Arthur.

gotcha anon! 

Check back Saturday for Her Awesomeness!

And no worries, I make all of them, people just give me suggestions on occasion, so this worked out perfectly!!!