you looked awesome for Halloween ;-). here is the act we won with! ;-)


p.s. sorry I couldn’t the link to work before

Still nothing *sigh* It just comes up as a bunch of messed up text -_- curses !

Btw, I really love the little gifs you use in your replies. LMAO <3

Aw! I’m really sorry!!

Haha and thanks! I love them obviously, since I’m a bit of a gifwhore! haha


So I just found this precious little corner of tumblr and I would like to note on how awesome it is. So, I've decided to help(help being used VERY loosely) with some suggestions!

- Sir Leon in a dress

- The awesomeness that is the Pendragon crest(It's a dragon. A DRAGON! Morgana and Morgause had a friggin' tree)

- Gwaine's hair in general

- When the sorcerer/sorceress does magic and their eyes glow gold

- When the girls act like guys

- Merlin with Excalibur

-Merlin riding the dragon

-"Courage, Strength, and Magic"

-The subtle Monty Python references I kept seeing in the Eye of the Phoenix(It was probably just because Arthur went on a quest and there was some guy guarding a bridge)

- Freya holding Excalibur

-Those times when Arthur sees Merlin as "wise"

- Knightly field trips

-How they had this whole epic "I shall fight by your side, Arthur" scene, and Merlins just like "No I don't really fancy it."

-The first time they all sit at the round table

Well, that's all I've got for now. I hope I could of been somewhat of a help. So um... just don't be a prat? I really don't know how to end this. So I'll just go now. *fades to black*

WOW! A lot of good ones!

A couple I hadn’t even though of! Like the first 2. nice! Thank you I’ll keep them in mind!