So I just went through all of your blog and it was amazing! I feel I should apologise for the spam I just inflicted in my followers but everything is far too amazing for me to care! Thank you! <3

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I’m glad you enjoy it!

I found your blog and OMG! is amazing all the gifs and the quotes about the serie, really, is wonderful! *-* PD: I love it the gif of Sir Leon with dress x)

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Hi :) Love your blog! I was wondering if you could make something for season 3 ep 3 when Merlin is in Arthur's room getting gold and wakes him up and Arthur is like "Who's there?" and then falls off the bed :D


Working on it now

Morgana: That’s a beautiful bracelet.
Morgause: It was a gift. From my mother. Please, I would like you to have it. It’s a healing bracelet. It will help you sleep.

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Morgana: Sometimes you’ve got to do what you think is right, and damn the consequences.
Arthur: You think I should go?
Morgana: It doesn’t matter what I think.
Arthur: If I don’t make it back, who will be the next king of Camelot? There’s more than just my life at stake.
Morgana: And what kind of king would Camelot want? One that would risk his life to save that of a lowly servant? Or one who does what his father tells him to?
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Only just found your blog, can't believe I've not seen it before :D it's amazing!!! <3

WELCOME!! I’m glad you found it! Oh and enjoy!

beeteedubs I love your username. The Hunger Games Series is brilliant and beautiful!

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I love this blog. Seriously, it makes my day. :D

Aww! Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it!!

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I've no clue how to make one so can you make one that says "Damn the consequences" from when Morgana said it to Arthur.

gotcha anon! 

Check back Saturday for Her Awesomeness!

And no worries, I make all of them, people just give me suggestions on occasion, so this worked out perfectly!!!

Geoffrey: By the power vested in me, I crown thee Morgana Pendragon, Queen of Camelot.
*A man attacks Arthur from behind and Morgana steps in, saves Arthur, and kills the man.*
Morgana: Bring back memories of when I used to beat you?

Arthur: That never happened.

Arthur: Happy birthday.
Morgana: Arthur.
*Morgana opens the box and pulls out the beautiful dagger* 

Morgana: We’re coming with you.
Merlin: What do you mean?
Gwen: You’re going to need all the help you can get. I can mend armour and sharpen swords.
Morgana: And I know how to fight.
Merlin: But y-y- you can’t. I mean, why would you?
Gwen: If it was the other way around, you’d help us. You already have. You saved my life.
Morgana: And you helped me get the druid boy out of Camelot. We owe it to you. Both of us.

Arthur: I swore to him you’d never challenge his authority again. I swore that you’d learned your lesson. Tread carefully. Next time, I may not be able to help you. 
Morgana: Thank you. You’re a better man than your father. Always were.


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